Think about your city for a moment. The people you see and the places you go. The things that break your heart, the things that give you hope, the things that you have learned to ignore.

And now … imagine!

  • Imagine the people you see, their families and the groups they belong to being transformed by the power of the Gospel.
  • Imagine the multiplication of new expressions of spiritually vibrant and culturally relevant churches that are fully obedient to God.
  • Imagine all of this and more … in YOUR city!

Right now, you and I are thinking about the same thing, something that I refer to as urban disciple making movements (uDMMs). It is something that happens when close friends and families discover God in the word of God and respond to God in obedience.

Some people may think this is something we can only imagine. I believe it is something we can initiate, nurture and celebrate.

What about you? Will you explore the possibilities with me? I sure hope so!

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