3 columns

three column study

I just finished a three column study of John 14:15-26. The results were significant…but they are not the focus of this post. Instead, I want to help you experience the benefits of a three column study for yourself!

Here is how to do a three column bible study:

  1. Divide a piece of paper into three columns. (And yes, I mean paper. Trust me on this one.)
  2. In the first column, write out the passage you are studying word for word. Use the reference as the column label (e.g., “John 14:15-26”).
  3. In the second column, write out the passage in your own words. It may be helpful to imagine that you are retelling this story to someone else. Label the second column “Re-Tell” or “Paraphrase.”
  4. In the third column, write one thing you will do differently because of this passage. Label the third column “I Will.”

It is that simple – but it is also powerful, reproducible and transforming. But what do you think?

Do your own three column study and then share how it helped you personally and how you might use it to make more disciples.

5 thoughts on “3 columns

  1. I like this as it is so simple. A good follow up post would be how this would work in a non literate culture. I still need to email you a good Skype time!


    1. Thanks, Mike, for suggesting a post on using the 3 column bible study approach in a non literate culture. I’ll take that as my homework assignment for this Wednesday. Looking forward to connecting, Kirk.


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