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This is the second post in a six part series on using the Lord’s prayer to pray for our cities.

Give us today our daily bread.

Physical needs such as food, water, clothing, shelter and safety are common to all people everywhere. However, an urban reality is that these needs are often unmet or under-met for many people.

By understanding the reasons for this in your city or neighborhood, you will be able to pray more specifically, communicate needs more clearly, and meet the needs that God wants you to meet.

Sample research questions:

  • To what degree are the basic physical needs of people being met?
    • Which needs tend to be met?
    • Which needs tend to be unmet or under-met?
  • Are some groups more likely to have their physical needs met than other groups?
    • Who are these different groups?
    • Why is there a discrepancy?
  • What health problems are particularly common? Why?
  • What trends are influencing the physical needs of people in your city or neighborhood?

Action Steps:

  1. Use the results of your research to describe 3-5 physical needs of the people in your city or neighborhood that you and others will be praying for.
  2. Suggest ways for people to pray – that is, what specific changes will happen in this area as the Kingdom of God comes to your city or neighborhood?

(Feel free to leave a comment, question or suggestion!)

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