Missional Journey

The Missional Journey (used by permission)
The Missional Journey (used by permission of author)

The Missional Journey: Multiplying Disciples and Churches that Transform the World by Bob Logan and Dave DeVries is an insightful and practical resource, written especially for disciple making movement practitioners.

There are many persuasive people who will encourage you to read and apply The Missional Journey, so let me simply point out a few things not to miss when you do:

  1. The Kingdom and glory of God as the end: “The goal is to reach all people with the transforming message of the gospel…The end goal is the Kingdom of God and the glory of God” (Kindle 2123, 292).
  2. The church as the means: “The church is not the end. We need to understand that the church is the means to get to the end goal.” (Kindle 291).
  3. The primacy of making disciples: “What is needed to live out the Kingdom of God? Disciples. People who live like Jesus lived” (Kindle 437).
  4. The strategic significance of people of peace and pre-existing groups: “Help new believers reach their oikos (which literally means ‘household,’ but often extends to one’s circle of relationship), and find the person of peace who can form a new community around them” (Kindle 1528).

One of the many contributions by Logan and DeVries is their emphasis on coaching as an essential means of leadership development within disciple making movements. This is underscored by the Journey Guides at the end of each chapter that will help you process the material with your coach and apply it with the team you are leading.

I hope you will share your insights and discoveries as you travel the Missional Journey of engaging your culture, forming missional communities, developing leadership and multiplying movements.

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