cityprayer | forgiveness

Image credit: Quavondo / iStockphoto
Image credit: Quavondo / iStockphoto

This is the fourth post in a six part series on using the Lord’s prayer to pray for our cities.

…as we also have forgiven our debtors.

We are created to live in community. However, just as sin has broken our relationship with God, it has also broken our relationships with one another.

While the brokenness of relationships is expressed in many ways, it is most damaging at the level of unforgiveness. By understanding the ways that relationships in your city or neighborhood tend to be broken, you can better pray for the healing of relationships through forgiveness.

Sample research questions:

  • Men and women
    • How do men and women treat each other within marriage? in the workplace? in society?
    • How common is marriage? How frequent is divorce?
    • In what ways are women most likely mistreated? In what ways is this accepted or challenged?
  • Children
    • How are children viewed?
    • Who raises children? How?
    • In what ways are children at risk? In what ways is this accepted or challenged?
  • Power
    • How has power been used against the people of your city or neighborhood in the past?
    • How has the historical use of power influenced current-day relationships in government, society, business and the home?

Action Steps:

  1. Use the results of your research to describe 3-5 common sources of broken relationships.
  2. Suggest ways for people to pray – that is, what ways do the people of your city or neighborhood need to be protected from each other, and in what ways do they need to forgive one another?

Remember: use the comment section and start a conversation!

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