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Image credit: Pkruger / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: Pkruger / 123RF Stock Photo

One of my privileges is to interact with other disciplemakers. Each of these conversations is an opportunity for me to discover more of the many ways that God is working and to evaluate the disciple making principles that are most important to me.

I’m sharing four of these disciple making principles with you in the hope of stimulating your thinking and practice:

  1. It is our responsibility to make disciples; it is Jesus’ responsibility to build His church
  2. Disciples are made by pointing people to Jesus and teaching them to obey Jesus
    • We should point people to Jesus and then step aside so they can see Him even better
    • It is not our role to teach people how to obey Jesus; that is God’s role
  3. It is better to transform an existing group of lost people than to form a new group of strangers
    • Pre-existing groups already have intimacy, leadership and ways of making decisions
    • Groups are transformed as they discover God in the Word of God and respond to God in obedience
  4. The rapid and ongoing multiplication of disciples is a realistic goal
    • There is biblical precedent for disciple making movements
    • Disciple making movements are beyond our control but within our ability to influence

But enough about me! What disciple making principles are most important to you?

3 thoughts on “most important

  1. A sense of humour keeps me going. I prayed to I’d meet a man of peace today. I found a man open to talking about spiritual things. He then proceeded to try and con me!


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