experiencing change

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Image credit: ladyann / 123RF Stock Photo

If you are initiating urban disciple making movements in a culture other than your own, you are facing the unique stress of culture change.

The stress of culture change is experienced in your 5 Rs – your routines, reactions, roles, relationships and reflections.

How you and I respond to this stress influences on our ability to effectively engage the culture, transform communities, develop leaders and multiply movements.

The stress of culture change can be our downfall – or one of our defining moments!

Action steps:

  1. Reflect on a recent particularly stressful experience:
    • What are your thoughts and observations as you look back on what happened?
    • What were you feeling then? What are you feeling now?
    • What do you want to do? Make – and take – your own action steps.
  2. Participate in the Experiencing Change Gathering. This 5-week teleclass will help you:
    • Gain a better understanding of the influence of your host culture on your 5 Rs,
    • Process the culture stress you are facing with others in similar situations, and
    • Develop tools and strategies to minimize stress and embrace opportunities in your new environment.
  3. Use the comment section to share ways that you anticipate and respond to culture stress.


The Experiencing Change Gathering begins April 18th. It is offered free of charge for people who have been living in a second culture for up to three years. Early registration is required and space is limited. Contact me if you are interested in learning more and I will refer you to the course facilitator.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post nor will I financially benefit if you attend the Experiencing Change Gathering. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

2 thoughts on “experiencing change

  1. I have known the need to become incarnational into the new culture and “stuck my toe in the water” regarding the culture that exists on Fort Carson, a U.S. Army facility in Colorado Springs. Many wounded warriors are coming back from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). With permission from a Chaplain there to hold a Discover Bible Study in the Meditation Room of the Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC), fliers and all. I came prepared — about 5 times in a row; no one came. It’s obvious that I had not become “incarnational” enough, built enough relationships. Then, through my wife came a soldiers wife named Kathy. She has become like a daughter and I have been coaching Kathy to do that which I have not been able to do…


    1. Thanks, Roger, for highlighting that entering another culture doesn’t require going overseas. There are any number of other cultures and even sub-cultures around us that Jesus may send us to.

      You also give a good example of finding a cultural-insider — and the need to do so! They will always be so much more effective than we could ever be. Humbling, but true. May God use you as an effective coach to establish Discovery Bible Studies through Kathy!


      ps., do you know of anyone who might be interested in the Experiencing Change Gatherings? Please send them my way if you do.


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