Image credit: mattc / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: mattc / 123RF Stock Photo

A team I am part of recently set a goal of influencing a group of leaders and the organizations they lead. While I can’t share the details, I can tell you that this was a major undertaking for us.

When it came to the question of moving forward, we were essentially stuck!

Since we didn’t have the answers, we turned to three simple questions:

  • What is?
  • What could be?
  • What will be?

We posed these questions to the group of leaders…and then watched them wrestle with and begin to embrace the changes we were seeking to bring about!

Initiating disciple making movements is full of challenges. How do we mobilize prayer? How do we engage the culture? How do we transform communities? How do we develop leaders? How do we multiply movements?

I don’t have answers for you, but I do have a suggestion: The next time you and your team are stuck,

  1. Create awareness by asking what is,
  2. Stimulate your imagination by asking would could be,
  3. Commit to action by asking what will be.

Please use the comment section to share your experiences and other questions you use to keep moving forward.

2 thoughts on “stuck

  1. These three questions are great and cut to the chase. For me these three questions ring relevant as I too am seeking to influence an organization as somewhat of an outsider in a consulting role. We just did a survey that helps us understand what is. We met two days ago to review the results. This provoked some good discussion about what should this group be aiming for, or that is to say, what could be. So before our gathering, each participant has “homework” to think about what “target” we should be aiming for. Then we will need to come to the third phase – What are you going to do? Action steps. This is most important! Because nothing is going to change for the better unless we act, doing things differently than we are now. The important task here to to get people to dialogue, to dream about the future and to decide what action steps to take. This process, if carried out to completion, has a good chance of getting us “unstuck.”


    1. Hi Russ. You did a great job of adding color to the picture I sketched out with illustrations from what you are working on right now. One of my take-aways from what you wrote are the three Ds: dialogue, dream and decide. I can see using that structure in a whole host of situations and conversations. May you have success in moving forward!



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