Image credit: pryzmat / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: pryzmat / 123RF Stock Photo

Nothing about Jesus makes sense if you don’t know what God is like.

That is why Paul specifically sought out Jews and God-fearing Greeks in their synagogues (Acts 14:1), places of prayer (Acts 16:13) and even in their homes (Acts 18:7).

But what about you and me? What do we do if we are working with people who don’t even know what God is like?

We help them discover what God is like, and then we introduce them to Jesus.

Here are six truths about God that make Jesus make sense:

  1. God is Righteous
  2. God is All Powerful
  3. God Knows Everything
  4. God is the Source of Grace
  5. God Hates Sin
  6. God Keeps His Promises

As a disciple maker, my responsibility is to help people discover these truths so that they will be able to discover and fall in love with Jesus.

Your turn:

  1. What do the people God has called you to disciple already know about God?
  2. What stories from the Bible will help them complete their picture of God?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!

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4 thoughts on “foundations

    1. Great question, Rich! Thanks for raising it here so that others can interact with it, too.

      Genesis alone presents all of those truths about God, but it takes time to cover that much material (of course, sometimes we have to go slow to go fast!). Those truths are also covered in the list of 27 Bible stories at but which ones?

      And, because of your question, I will share more of my specific thoughts in a series of upcoming posts. Until then … do you (or does anyone else) have scriptures to suggest?



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