learning from differences

Image credit: ariwasabi / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: ariwasabi / 123RF Stock Photo

I recently had the privilege of helping local partners equip 27 people to initiate church planting movements in Eastern Europe.

In addition to using different terminology – church planting rather than disciple making movements – the lead partners also emphasized a few things that I typically don’t.

Because of these differences, I was able to evaluate my own approach to disciple making movements.

Here are three resulting shifts that I am making in my thinking and practice:

From Access to Shema. The goal of access ministry and a shema lifestyle are the same: finding and attracting people of peace. However, access ministry can lead practitioners to think in terms of projects, which are always more costly and less reproducible than simply living lives of obedience to God in plain view of those around us.

From Praying to Acting on Prayer. One of the successes of the training was the number and depth of spiritual conversations that participants had with people in the community. This was partly due to the fact that having a spiritual conversation was the goal of every prayer walk. Prayer was incomplete until it was acted upon.

From Wondering to Asking. An important transition is moving from spiritual conversations with a person of peace to mentoring that person to facilitate a Discovery Bible Study for their family and friends. However, it can be difficult to discern when to make that transition. The most successful practitioners at the training had a simple solution: instead of wondering, they simply asked!

Your turn:

  1. How are you growing as a disciple making movement practitioner?
  2. What is one thing that you have recently changed because of what you are learning?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!

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