I’m back!

Image credit: 72soul / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: 72soul / 123RF Stock Photo

This summer has been a welcomed change of pace for me. Over the past three months, I …

  • celebrated the wedding of my oldest niece and met my youngest nephew
  • bonded with my Missional Challenge teammates as we worked to understand how to best help people live the mission of Jesus
  • interacted with North American churches about disciple making and disciple making movements
  • relaxed on two different rivers, and enjoyed seeing both the Vikings and Twins do their best – but lose nonetheless 😦

But as much as I enjoyed and even needed this summer, I am glad to be back!

Please join me in the coming weeks to see whether you can apply some of my lessons from summer.

Your turn: what were some of your summer lessons?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!

6 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Interestingly enough, I’m in MSP airport headed back to the UK, having spent a week with my dad and siblings, attended the 18-3 loss of Twins to the Athletics, and the loss of the Vikings on telly on Sunday afternoon.



  2. Just having a tool (i.e. inductive Discovery Bible Studies) alone, is a far cry from effectively launching a disciple-making movement. We can learn from the “missional” folks like Alan Hirsch on what is involved in the launching process.


    1. Great observation, Roger. Too many people confuse DBS (Discover Bible Study) with DMM (Disciple Making Movements) or even discipleship itself. We have much more too learn — and to then put into practice.


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