sequence 3.0 group discovery

Image credit: 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: 123RF Stock Photo

This is the fourth in a series on the role of sequence in disciple making movements.

The significance of sequence is that each step depends on the previous one and leads to the next: access gives way to people of peace, and people of peace give way to group discovery.

Group discovery is critical because disciple making movements happen as existing groups are transformed into reproducing churches.

There are two aspects of group discovery:

First, the disciple maker discovers the person of peace’s circles of influence. This flows from our relationship with the person of peace. Who else are they helping? What is God saying to them about other people? With whom is the person of peace having spiritual conversations?

Second, the group discovers God in the Word of God. The best person to facilitate this process is the leader of this group (typically the person of peace), and the best tool to give them is the Discovery Bible Study. Disciple makers should not lead Discovery Bible Studies. If we fail to limit our role to mentoring people of peace, we will severely limit the ability of their groups to grow and multiply.

Your turn:

  1. How can you design access ministry to see beyond people of peace to their circles of influence?
  2. What can you do that a person of peace cannot do? What are the implications of this for your disciple making strategy?
  3. What unintended consequences have your experienced or observed from disciple makers leading Discovery Bible Studies?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!

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