sequence 5.0 multiplication

Image credit: 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: 123RF Stock Photo

This is the sixth in a series on the role of sequence in disciple making movements.

The fifth and final sequence in catalyzing disciple making movements is the phase that makes a movement a movement: multiplication.

Multiplication is the difference between planting a church and catalyzing a movement.

Multiplication is so important that it is embedded in each of the five phases.

1.0 Access: multiplication through modeling. Access is built on being a helpful and hopeful person. This is both attractive and contagious. Encourage the people you help to help others.

2.0 People of Peace: multiplication through asking. People of peace have influence. Leverage this by asking them what their family and friends think about the spiritual conversations the two of you are having.

3.0 Group Discovery: multiplication through expectation. People are eager to share what they discover. Make sure the Discovery Bible Studies include the question, “who else needs to hear this?”

4.0 Transformation: multiplication through testimony. The testimony of a transformed life transforms other lives. Celebrate baptism publicly with those who are in the social circles of the ones being baptized.

5.0 Multiplication: multiplication through coaching. The focus of the Multiplication phase is on the development of new believers into movement leaders. They are the ones to accelerate the disciple making movement by leading yet other people through these five phases.

Your turn:

  1. What other ways can you include multiplication in each of the five phases (Access, People of Peace, Group Discovery, Transformation and Multiplication)?
  2. What can new disciples do as leaders that you cannot?
  3. How can you help them do that?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!

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