Image credit: olivier26 / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: olivier26 / 123RF Stock Photo

Just yesterday I was asked a great question about this blog:

Where does this journey begin?

Thanks for the question! It told me that I needed to step back and highlight core aspects of disciple making movements.

Here are four core aspects of disciple making movements.

1. Definition: disciple making movements are the rapid spread of the Gospel and obedience to it among people who have previously not known and loved God. Read more at definition: disciple making movement.

2. Principles: disciple making movements require a fresh look at discipleship. Four biblical principles are summarized in my most important post.

3. Tools: disciple making movements require work. However, using the right tools the right way makes the work much easier! My toolbox series highlights five disciple making tools:

The Bible
Active Listening
Intentional Inquiry
Discovery Bible Study

4. Intentionality: disciple making movements can never be controlled, but they can be catalyzed. My sequence series outlines the steps in this process:

1.0 Access
2.0 People of Peace
3.0 Group Discovery
4.0 Transformation
5.0 Multiplication

Your turn: 

  1. What other questions do you have for me?
  2. Where is your disciple making journey taking you?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!

2 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. I’m trying to wrap my arms around this. I haven’t discipled anyone in the strict sense of the word. But I have walked with young Christians down the road of life and mentored, counseled and made use of teachable moments. But this is far from being any kind of “movement”. So I just need a little clarification. Are you suggesting that every disciple of Jesus is called to be part of a discipleship movement? I’m feeling overwhelmed. 😦


    1. Thanks, Cecily, for raising the question! For me, bottom line is that every disciple is called to make disciples, because making disciples is one of the commands of Christ. It even follows that every disciple is called to make disciples who make yet more disciples.

      The disciple making strategy that is woven throughout this blog is just one of many strategies – and it is God who is the Master Strategist. Our responsibility is to listen to him learn how he wants each of us to make disciples, who in turn will disciple others.

      May those you have walked with walk with others!



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