definition: dmm practitioner

Disciple making movement practitioners mentor people of peace to help their circles discover and respond to God in obedience.

This requires them to first attract people of peace, help people of peace understand what God is saying to them, and stimulate people of peace to have spiritual conversations with their circles of influence.

Practitioners multiply themselves by coaching people of peace to become reproducing leaders.

2 thoughts on “definition: dmm practitioner

  1. Note: the end of my original post read, “Practitioners multiply themselves by coaching believers to become reproducing leaders.”

    I changed it because it wasn’t clear that the believers being referenced are the people of peace (and perhaps those in their circles) in whom the practitioner has been investing throughout the whole disciple making process.

    Thanks to my Missional Challenge teammate, Dave DeVries, for pointing this out.

    Feedback and comments are always welcomed!



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