starting spiritual conversations

Image copyright: designpics / 123RF Stock Photo
Image copyright: designpics / 123RF Stock Photo

Spiritual conversations are an essential part of discipling lost groups of people.

A spiritual conversation is any interaction that helps lost people discover and understand more of what God is already saying to them.

In order to be successful disciple makers, we need to be having spiritual conversations with people of peace, and stimulating those people of peace to be having spiritual conversations with the people in their circles (see disciple making skills).

Here are 6 ideas to help you have and stimulate spiritual conversations:

1. Start with prayer. Ask God to lead you to the person that he wants to talk to through you … and have confidence that God will answer your prayers!

2. Start with love for the other person. If love is absent, your words will be like “a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.”

3. Start with listening, not with telling. Listening shows how much you care for the other person, and it helps you discern how God is already at work in their life.

4. Start with questions, not with answers. The right questions will identify spiritual hunger, honor people and create opportunities for God to teach (see intentional inquiry).

5. Start with grace, not with condemnation. God judges and God extends mercy – but he has only given one of those responsibilities to his followers (Luke 6:31-38).

6. Start with practice, not with theology. Talking about your practice of prayer, for example, will communicate more about the goodness and power of God and our need for him than most theological statements ever will.

Your turn:

  1. Which of these ideas are most helpful to you?
  2. What other ideas do you have for starting spiritual conversations?
  3. How have you seen spiritual conversations lead to spiritual transformation?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!

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