making it count

Image copyright: findog822 / 123RF Stock Photo
Image copyright: findog822 / 123RF Stock Photo

In baseball, it is seldom enough for the batter to make contact with the ball. To be successful in hitting the ball, he needs to follow through with his swing.

In the same way, disciple makers need to do more than make contact with people of peace.

We need to make sure that our contact and spiritual conversations with people of peace count by following through.

Here are three ways you can follow through on your next spiritual conversation:

1. Meet a need.

After each conversation, ask yourself what would be helpful from the other person’s point of view – and then do it. That one act could be what leads that person and their circle to glorify God (Matthew 5:16).

2. Prepare for the next conversation.

Be intentional about helping people of peace discover and understand more of who God is with each and every conversation.

Remember: the goal of spiritual conversations is not to communicate your spirituality, but to help people of peace find and express theirs in Christ.

3. Leave something behind.

A question, passage of Scripture or an outline of a 3 question study will give the person you are talking with something to think about before your next conversation. This is a great way for them to follow through!

Your turn:

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you that the people of peace you are talking to are regularly discovering more of who God is?
  2. What are two or three things you can do that will increase the score you gave yourself in the first question above?
  3. What are some other ways of following through on spiritual conversations?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!



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