describing fruit

22795558_sMy previous post introduced the principle of focusing on the fruit of an emerging disciple making movement.

One of the fruits that is helpful to measure are groups that are regularly reading (or listening to) and discussing the Bible together.

Each of these Bible discussion groups can be described in one of the following three ways:1

1. A Bible discussion group that begins with a group of seekers can be called a Gathering Group. This discussion group represents some or even all of the members of an existing social circle.

2. When one or two of the members become believers and continue to meet as part of the rest of the group, the Bible discussion group can be described as a Mini-Group. This is not a new group, but one that is being transformed as individual members turn to Christ.

3. When three or more of the members have become believers, the discussion group can be called a Believer Group. The primary growth goal of the Believer Group is not to add new members, but to start new Bible discussion groups.

Your turn:

  1. How can counting and evaluating Bible discussion groups be used to glorify God?
  2. How can the different ways of describing Bible discussion groups serve those through whom God is working?
  3. With which groups would you use a 3 Question Study? a Discovery Bible Study? another type of study?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!

1This approach to describing groups that regularly meet to discuss the Bible was developed by someone other than me who does not want attribution.

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