disciple making skill #1

20452019_s-2Skill #1: Living life with the lost as a helpful, hopeful person.

This skill is developed by focusing on your own relationship with God; however, the impact on those around you can change their lives!

Living life with the lost as a helpful, hopeful person and its impact on others is demonstrated by Paul and Silas at the end of their stay in Philippi (Acts 16:16-34).

Hopeful despite circumstances, helpful despite the cost.

Paul and Silas had been taken, stripped, beaten, flogged and thrown into prison for casting a demon out of a fortune-telling slave. They were in a bad and seemingly hopeless situation.

Their response was shocking: they prayed and sang hymns to God.

And then their circumstances changed for the better: a violent earthquake shook their chains loose and opened the prison doors. Nothing stood between them and their freedom.

But once again Paul and Silas responded by doing the unexpected: they saved the jailer’s life by risking their freedom and convincing the other prisoners to do the same.

As a result, the jailer and his family believed in the Lord Jesus and were saved that very night.

Being found by others.

As Paul and Silas experienced, people will find you when you live a helpful, hopeful life.

  • Some people may want to harm you, like those who threw Paul and Silas into prison.
  • Others, like their fellow prisoners, will watch to see how you relate to God despite your circumstances.
  • And some, like the jailer, will want to know how to be saved, and you will point them and their circles to Jesus.

Your turn:

  1. How are you making it easy for people to find you?
  2. How might you be making it hard for people to find you?
  3. What would you like God to do in your life to make you a more helpful, hopeful person?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!

See an overview of all five disciple making skills HERE.

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