starting at the very beginning


The shepherds who saw Jesus the night he was born did something that I don’t do: they immediately went and told others about Jesus.

That made sense for them, because the people they met were already expecting the Messiah.

But what if the people that God has sent you to are not expecting the Messiah?

You start at the very beginning!

Here are the 10 stories that I currently share with people before telling them more about Jesus:

1. God creates the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1-2:3)

2. God breathes life into Adam and Eve (Genesis 2:4-25)

3. Adam and Eve disobey God (Genesis 3)

4. Adam and Eve’s son, Cain, kills his brother, Abel (Genesis 4)

5. People increase in number and become more and more sinful – so God sends a great flood that kills everyone except for Noah and his family (Genesis 6-7)

6. God promises to never again send a flood that will destroy all the earth (Genesis 8-9:17)

7. People increase in number and become more and more sinful – so God scatters them all over the earth (Genesis 11)

8. Abram is blessed by God in order that all the families of the earth could be blessed through him (Genesis 12)

9. Abram believes that God will keep his promise – and God declares Abram to be righteous (Genesis 15)

10. Abram (now called Abraham) obeys God – and God provides what Abraham needs (Genesis 22)

AFTER telling these stories, I then transition to stories about Jesus by using the genealogy found in Matthew 1:1-17.

Your turn:

  1. What truths will people discover about God and themselves in these stories?
  2. How will knowing these truths help people understand Jesus?
  3. Agree or disagree: Jesus doesn’t make sense if you don’t know what God is like?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!


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