10 stories about Jesus


One of the biggest responsibilities of a disciple maker is to direct people to Bible stories that will help the group being discipled readily discover and respond to God.

My current practice is to establish a foundation of who God is with 10 stories from Genesis, and to then introduce Jesus by using the stories from 10 chapters of the book of Matthew.1

Jesus Stories

Here are stories that I am currently using to help people discover and respond to Jesus:

1. Jesus is born (Matthew 1)

2. While still a baby, Jesus is worshipped and then almost killed (Matthew 2)

3. John the Baptist tells people to repent; Jesus is baptized by John and then tempted by Satan (Matthew 3-4:11)

4. Jesus begins his ministry; he tells people to repent and to follow him; he heals and teaches people (Matthew 4:12-5:10)

5. John the Baptist is killed; Jesus feeds 5,000 and then walks on water (Matthew 14)

6. Jesus is welcomed as a king by the crowds but rejected by the religious leaders (Matthew 21:1-32)

7. Jesus is arrested (Matthew 26:1-56)

8. Jesus is tried (Matthew 26:57-27:31)

9. Jesus is crucified (Matthew 27:32-66)

10. Jesus rises from the dead (Matthew 28)

Your turn:

  1. What truths will people discover about Jesus in these stories?
  2. What truths about Jesus will people miss if they don’t learn any other stories?
  3. How would you modify this list of stories?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!

1I will share a third series of 10 stories, which focuses on the teachings of Jesus, in a subsequent post.

What do you think? Add a comment and join the conversation!

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