teaching obedience through 5 questions

3816719_sJesus tells us to teach all people everywhere to obey everything that he has commanded.

One way to do this is by asking 5 simple questions.

Here is how I do that with people who are meeting as a Bible Discussion Group.

I begin by asking two questions that stimulate obedience to the Great Commandment.

The Great Commandment summarizes everything that Jesus wants all people everywhere to do – love God and love their neighbor. This is the goal of the first two questions:

1. What is one thing you thankful for?

If every good and perfect gift really comes from God,1 then expressions of thanks direct people toward God. Nurtured well, thanksgiving can become an early and lasting expression of love for God.

2. What is one thing that is causing you stress?

The answer to this question invites the rest of the group to respond to the person answering the question; it encourages people to love their neighbor.

Next, I encourage obedience to a specific Bible story.

After reading, re-telling and discussing what a given Bible story says about God and people, I ask these two questions:

3. If this is true, what is one thing you will do?, and

4. What might we do together?

Lastly, I ask a question that stimulates obedience to the Great Commission.

5. Who else needs to hear this story?

Even those who are not yet intentional followers of Jesus can help others obey what Jesus has commanded by telling them God’s stories!

Your turn:

  1. What are some other ways to teach obedience to all Jesus has commanded?
  2. What is one new way that you would be willing to try?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!


1James 1:17

8 thoughts on “teaching obedience through 5 questions

  1. We use these questions when diving into a passage:
    1. What do you like or think is important?
    2. What do you not like or don’t understand?
    3. What do we learn about God?
    4. What do we learn about us?
    5. How do we need to respond?


    1. Hi Dan – thanks for reading and interacting about ways to teach obedience.

      The process you and the Antioch Movement are using clearly leads to a high level of understanding (№1-4) and then obedience (№5) to a specific passage. I like it!

      I’m curious about how you introduce and establish the lifestyle issues of thanks/worship and practicing the one-anothers? I look forward to what you have to share.

      Appreciating our earlier conversations and your ministry,


      1. The one-anothers come out through our huddle process as we engage the question of accountability. We’re still working through the thanks/worship piece. Your questions are really helpful and I think we’ll be adding them into the mix.


    1. Thanks, Chris, for reminding us of the importance of our own obedience to Jesus, and for sharing the way you use twitter to teach obedience to others.

      And yes – teaching obedience to all that Jesus commanded is staggering!


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