the most difficult person to lead

360 Degree Leadership CompassOne of my core convictions is that you can become a better disciple maker by becoming a better leader.

I am not saying, however, that it will be easy. Here is why:

The most difficult person for you to lead is YOU!

Self leadership is the highest form of leadership and the one that requires the most time, effort and discipline.

Nonetheless, if you lead yourself well, you will increase your effectiveness as a leader and your fruitfulness as a disciple maker.

Here are three ways that I lead myself:

1. I embrace God’s purposes for me and make them promises to myself. They are the foundation of my morning planning and the measure of my evening review.

2. I nurture daily habits that help me become the person God created me to be and to do the things he created me to accomplish. Likewise, I break and avoid habits that hold me back.

3. I prepare myself ahead of time for the challenges I will encounter as I make disciples and mobilize disciple makers. Like Timothy, I want to “be prepared in season and out of season.”1

Your turn:

  1. How are you leading yourself?
  2. How is your self-leadership impacting your effectiveness as a disciple maker?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!

12 Timothy 4:2

3 thoughts on “the most difficult person to lead

  1. I would flip it upside down and say that you cannot become an effective disciple maker unless you were first a better follower. There is much emphasis on leadership in our society today, but very little on how to be a good follower. Being a disciple maker means bringing people to Jesus and showing them how to follow him.


    1. Thanks, Jim, for the great contribution! Please hold me accountable to being a good disciple in order to be a good disciple maker – in what I do and what I write.

      For me, followership is prominent in the first three of the purposes/promises I referred to, which are based on John 14:6

      – I follow Jesus; he is my leader. He is my example and his teachings are my guide.
      – I listen to and trust Jesus. I subject all truth claims to him – including what I think and say about myself and others.
      – I wholeheartedly pursue the life that Jesus gives.

      These commitments are a few of the ways I keep focused on being a good follower of Jesus above all else and through all else.

      Question: How are others engaging in the tension between followership and leadership?


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