intentional influence

influence-definitionWhen I introduced it as a necessary skill for disciple makers, I defined leadership as influence.

But what does this look like – how is it that we seek to influence others as disciple makers?

Here are some statements I recently heard from other disciple makers:

“Being a disciple maker means bringing people to Jesus and showing them how to follow him.”- Jim Lilly

I influence others as a disciple maker by “serving and listening.“- Gus Tidlund

I “show [others] the example of Christ.” – Dimitar Lazarov

We are to “model life as Jesus did.”- Paresh Haldar1

These insights highlight two important principles:

First, disciple makers are leaders because we very intentionally seek to influence others. This is underscored by some of the words we use to describe what we do: bring, show, listen, serve and model.

Second, disciple-making leaders are not concerned with accumulating followers for themselves. Instead, our goal as disciple-making leaders is to help more people become followers of Jesus.

Your turn:

  1. How does this understanding of leadership reflect your practice of discipleship?
  2. In what ways might you become a better disciple maker by becoming a better leader?

Share your thoughts and make it a conversation!

1See other insights at dmm on the city.

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