Google Hangouts Fact Sheet

Even if we can’t meet in person, we can meet using Google Hangouts. In fact, I use Google Hangouts for my group coaching and virtual DMM training.

Here is how to get started

1. Create a Google+ Profile. It is as easy as clicking on your language and then following the directions from Google:

If you didn’t see your primary language above, click HERE and Google will do its best to help you. And remember: even though you can get a Google+ Profile in just about any language, you and I will need to talk in English or Bulgarian … at least for now!

2. Once you have your Google+ Profile, go to my Google+ Profile and add me to your circles. The surest way to get there is by clicking the following image:


3. Congratulations – you have successfully created your Google+ Profile and added me to your circles. Take some time to explore Google+ by sharing what is new, adding some other people and using Hangouts to send me a chat. If you are part of a coaching cohort or training, you will see the details listed under “Upcoming Events” in the top middle of your screen.

What do you think? Add a comment and join the conversation!

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